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Landlords Gas Safe Cetificates


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All of our testing is carried out in accordance with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) code of practice. We use the very latest PAT test equipment and are able to test your most sensitive portable appliances and 110V power tools.



Landlords Gas Safe Certificates



When it comes to gas appliances, it is essential that you have them checked by suitably qualified engineers to ensure they function and operate properly to protect against the dangers of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous and often results in death.  


By having your appliances checked regularly you can help to make sure that this doesn't happen.

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Whatever type of gas appliance you have in the property you are renting out you need a Gas Safety Certificate. Gas safe certificates  last for 12 months from the date of issue.  Unless the contract says differently the maintenance of gas appliances inside a rented home is down to the landlord.


You can come to an agreement within the contract to make the tenants responsible for the time that they live there, but this is not as standard so it will be something that will be agreed separately.


Gas Safety Certificates are vital not only from a tenant safety point of view but from a legal point of view also. If you are a landlord and you do not have one of these certificates you are responsible if something should go wrong. This could mean a fine or even a prison sentence depending on how serious the case is.

Getting a Gas Safety Certificate is easy and doesn't cost much to get done. When you have it done it is valid for a year and you are covered for that whole time. In these circumstances it is always best to be safe than sorry and that is the reason why as a landlord, Gas Safety Certificates are essential for both you and your tenant.